The Chow Kit - an Ormond Hotel

The Chow Kit - an Ormond Hotel | KUALA LUMPUR

The Chow Kit is Ormond Hotel’s first design-led, experience-driven hotel. Located in the city’s storied Chow Kit district – an area rich in character and history The Chow Kit is a nod to this past - where people literally ran into each other on the streets and stumbled over furniture on sidewalks - tiny moments that made this neighbourhood so magnetic and alluring. The 113-room boutique hotel marries tradition with modernity, taking inspiration both from its surroundings and its guests.

The streets surrounding the Chow Kit are full of stories, and it’s these stories that inform the hotel’s interesting, inviting spaces. The design, led by renowned New York firm Studio Tack, takes cues from the familiarity of Malaysiana and the modern worldliness of the city, blending cosmopolitan and cosy finishes with comfort. The Chow Kit is a traveller’s sanctuary, but not only for rest – also for exploration and inspiration.

The Chow Kit brings this energy back into the old heart of Kuala Lumpur - a space where people discover, meet, and learn about Kuala Lumpur’s past, present, and where it should go.
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